Discoursing Sectarianism: Patterns, Trajectories and Identities from 1979 onwards

30th Jun 2021 09:00 - 30th Jun 2021 17:00

Location: Zoom webinars

9:00-9:15     – Introduction

9:15-10.45   – Panel 1: Discoursing Saudi-Iranian Relations

  • ‘Let us Rid the World of Wahhabism’: Saudi Arabia in Iran’s Foreign Policy Discourse
    • Olivia Glombitza - Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • The Neutralization of Saudi Sectarian Discourse and its impact on dynamics of Saudi Iranian Rivalry
    • Nesrine Benmihoub - University of Algiers
  • Discourses of Sectarianism, State Apparatus and cross sectarian Harmony in Middle East: A Comparative Study of Iran and Saudi Arabia
    • Sadia Rafique & Daman Nadeem - University of Lahore

11:00-12:30 – Panel 2: Discoursing Sectarianism and Strategy

  • Iran’s using of Shiite heritage in creating a case for negotiations with the West
    • Ali Hashem - Royal Holloway University
  • Exposing the Enemy’s ‘Sectarianism’ as a Mobilisation Tool: Lebanese Communists’ Discourse on Christian ‘Sectarianism’ during the Lebanese Civil War
    • Hideaki Hayakawa - The University of Tokyo
  • De-Sectarianization within the Saudi Religious Fold: Evolving Institutional Discourses and New Leaderships
    • Umer Karim - University of Birmingham
  • Cold War Sectarianisms: The Politics of Pan-Islam in Revolutionary Iran
    • Bita Mousavi - New York University
  • Same Revolution, Different Outcome: Why Did the Syrian Regime Survive the Arab Spring?
    • Adam Alrowaiti – West Virginia University

13:30-15:00 – Panel 3: Beyond the Gulf and the Multifacetedness of Discoursing Sectarianism 

  • We are not Muslims’: Sectarian and post-sectarian identities of Assyrians/Syriacs in Sweden
    • Monuments, Tolerance and Integration: Solidifying of the Refugee Identity
  • Discursive Game of (De) Sectarianization: Assad’s Acting ‘As if Not’
    • Marta Woźniak-Bobińska - University of Lodz
  • Vicky Panossian - Lebanese American University
    • Mustafa Elmenshawy - Lancaster University

15:15-16:45 - Panel 4: Discoursing Sectarian Rhetoric, Symbolism and Power

  • Iraq’s Tishreen [October] protests’ slogans and chants: Reframing narratives, reclaiming identity
    • Balsam Mustafa - University of Birmingham
  • Maintenance of Sedimented Hegemony: Articulation of Sectarianism Discourse
    • Betul Dogan-Akkas - Qatar University & Durham University
  • Understanding Visual Propaganda in the Iranian-Saudi rivalry.
    • Tom Walsh – Durham University

 16:45-17:00 – Closing remarks

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