Sectarianism and De-Sectarianisation as Equivalents
Ten Years On: Conference Programme Released
Ten Years On: Conference Programme Released 4th Dec 2020 We are delighted to announce that our annual conference programme has been finalised and is available to download here. Featuring keynote addresses from Professor Mehran Kamrava and Professor Salwa Ismail we are very excited to welcome a mix of senio... Read More
The Iraqi Curse
The Iraqi Curse By Ali Al-'Iqabi 13th Oct 2019 Read More
The Druze leadership in Mount Lebanon: Will Jumblatt endure?
Salafism in Iraqi Kurdistan
Salafism in Iraqi Kurdistan By Pishtiwan Jalal 19th Jul 2019 Read More
Lebanon and Syria: From “Brotherhood” to Xenophobia?
The Geopolitics of the Druze Communities: The Case of 2018 ISIS Attack on Suweida
Maternity at War: Thoughts on Parenting During Lebanon's Civil War