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Saudi and Iran: how our two countries could make peace and bring stability to the Middle Eas Eyad Alrefai - 19th Jun 2019

Relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic o...

SWAR project featuring SEPAD fellows publishes special issue on Sectarianism and Regime Formation Morten Valbjørn - 19th Apr 2019

Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, vol. 19, 1 (2019) - Specia...

Iranian revolution: world’s reactions show that, four decades on, tensions remain as high as ever Dr. Simon Mabon - 4th Mar 2019

The 40th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution in February 1...

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The Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) project based at Lancaster University’s Richardson Institute is a collaborative project aimed at understanding the conditions that give rise to sectarian violence and proxy conflicts.


Iraqi Kurds and De-Sectarianization Dr. Simon Mabon - 15th Nov 2019

A piece by Thanos Trappelides

During the last weeks, th...

Survey on emotional wellbeing Dr. Simon Mabon - 4th Nov 2019

Colleagues working on the Middle East may be interested in the survey detailed below, undertaken by Jan Claudius Völkel on emotional challeng...

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