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Tishreen Women and the 2021 Iraqi Elections Hadeel Abdelhameed - 6th May 2022
Sectarianism in disguise: de-sectarianisation in Syria and Kuwait Mustafa Menshawy - 11th Apr 2022

Politics in the Arab region is marked with a specific striking co...

The Middle East in 2050 Elias Ghazal - 18th Oct 2021

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The Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) project based at Lancaster University’s Richardson Institute is a collaborative project aimed at understanding the conditions that give rise to sectarian violence and proxy conflicts.


Understanding Salafism in Iranian Sunnism Edward Wastnidge - 19th May 2022

A special guest blog post by Mansour Anbarmoo.


Publications and Activities - May 2022 Elias Ghazal - 13th May 2022

Our Fellows have produced a large number of articles over the past six m...

Securing Sectarian Difference, or: The Failure of Desectarianization in Bahrain? Simon Mabon - 26th Apr 2022

Chapter 1, Article 1 of the constitution of Bahrain declares that...

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