SEPADPOD with Rami Khouri

18th Aug 2019 by Simon Mabon

On this episode of SEPADPod Simon speaks with Rami Khouri, Journalist-in-Residence and adjunct professor of journalism at the American University Beirut where he is also Coordinator, AUB in NYC Briefings Initiative. Rami is also Senior Public Policy Fellow, American University of Beirut, Syndicated columnist, Agence Global Syndicate, USA and Nonresident Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School. Rami is the author of myriad books, articles, opinion pieces and news stories covering all aspects of life across the Middle East. On this episode, Simon and Rami talk about reporting on the region, from a story about cockroaches to the Arab Uprisings via tourism in Jordan and the importance of people. Amidst all of the turmoil, this episode of SEPADPod ends on a slightly positive note!

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