Morten Valbjørn

Associate Professor

Aarhus University Aarhus University

Morten Valbjørn is associate professor at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, and director (with Jeroen Gunning) of TOI: 'Bringing in the Other Islamists - comparing Arab Shia and Sunni Islamism(s) in a sectarianized Middle East', SEPAD's sister project.Previously he directed the interdisciplinary research project SWAR: ‘Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts – beyond primordialist and instrumentalist understandings of Shia/Sunni divisions in a new Middle East’. In addition to sectarianism, his research interests concern various dimensions of identity politics and the sociology of knowledge concerning the study of Middle East politics. His research has appeared in among others Democratization, Review of International Studies, International Studies Review, PS: Political Science & Politics; Middle East Critique, Middle East Report, Orient, International Review of Sociology, Mediterranean Politics, Cooperation & Conflict, Journal of Mediterranean Studies, Foreign Policy, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism; Nations & Nationalism; and The Review of Faith & International Affairs.

Key Publications

  • Valbjørn, Morten &  Jeroen Gunning (2020). "Bringing in the ‘Other Islamists’: Beyond Sunni-centric Islamism studies in a sectarianized Middle East". Mediterranean Politics
  • Valbjørn, Morten (2020). "Beyond the beyond(s): On the (many) third way(s) beyond primordialism and instrumentalism in the study of sectarianism". Nations and Nationalism, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 91-107.   
  • Valbjørn, Morten (2020). "Studying identity politics in Middle East international relations before and after the Arab uprisings", pp. 251-269 in Raymond Hinnebusch & Jasmine Gani (eds.) The Routledge Handbook to the Middle East and North African State and States System. London: Routledge.  
  • Valbjørn, Morten (2019). "Dialogues in new Middle Eastern politics – on (the limits of) making historical analogies to the classic Arab Cold War in a sectarianized new Middle East", in Lorenzo Kamel (ed.) The Middle East: Thinking About and Beyond Security and Stability. Bern: Peter Lang.
  • Valbjørn, Morten (2019). "What is so Sectarian about Sectarian Politics: Identity Politics and Authoritarianism in a New Middle East".Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, vol. 19, no. 1.
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  • Phillips, C & Valbjørn, M (2018). "’What is in a Name?’: the role of (different) identities in the multiple proxy wars in Syria". Small Wars & Insurgencies, vol. 29,3.       
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