Rashed Alrasheed

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Applied Sciences University, Bahrain

Rashed Alrasheed is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Applied Sciences University, Bahrain and a fellow at the Richardson Institute, Lancaster University, UK. He holds a PhD in politics from Lancaster University and an MA in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Jordan. His research interests center around the Middle East Studies with a focus on the Foreign policy, Diplomacy, International Relations and Political Sociology. His also broadly interested in Political Islam, trans-state loyalties, social groups and the relationship between religion, authority, society and state in the Middle East. Rashed has published in many academic journals.

Peer reviewed journal articles

ü  Alrasheed, Rashed, and Simon Mabon. "Fatwas and politics in Bahrain: exploring the post 2011 context." Middle Eastern Studies (2020): 1-15.

ü  Alrasheed, Rashed. "Season of migration from the oil lake: the economy of hatred in the Gulf states." Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary journal of current affairs (2020).

ü  Alrasheed, Rashed. "The Divine Gaps between the Usuli and Akhbaris in Bahrain: Causes and Repercussions." Religions 11.7 (2020): 321.

ü  Alrasheed, Rashed “Policies of GCC countries towards the crisis of the Arab Spring (Kingdom of Bahrain model)”. Beirut, Center for Arab Unity Studies, Arab Journal of Political Science. Summer.2014.109-126. (Written in Arabic).