Publications and Activities - Oct 2021

18th Oct 2021 by Elias Ghazal

Publications and Activities - Oct 2021

Our Fellows have produced a large number of articles over the past few months and here are some highlights.

Simon Mabon

‘Afterword: sectarianisation beyond the Middle East’, Religion, State and Society

Houses built on sand, paperback edition

Regulating Resistance: From Anti to Counter-Revolutionary Practice - and Back Again - in Bahrain”. (Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa, co-edited by Paola Rivetti and Francesco Cavatorta

Special Issue, Partecipazione e Conflitto, Vol. 14, No. 2. Scheduled September 2021.)

Sara Fregonese

War and the City, paperback edition (May 2021)

Special issue - paper and editorial introduction:

      Fregonese, S. (2021) Shockwaves. Atmospheres beyond the conflict city/ordinary city divide. Conflict and Society 7 (1): 26-         41.

      Laketa, Sunčana,Sara Fregonese, and Damien Masson. 2021. “Introduction: Experiential Landscapes of Terror.” Conflict and Society 7 (1): 1–8.

Geneive Abdo

The Prophet’s Heir:

The Long Game in Iraq:

Mustafa Elmenshawi

Mustafa Menshawy (2021) Sovereignty alignment process: strategies of regime survival in Egypt, Libya and Syria, Third World Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2021.1965872

Simon Mabon and Mustafa Menshawy (2021), The blockade, Islamism and intra-sectarian tensions: Explaining Saudi-Qatari tensions, Orient,

Lawrence Rubin

David D. Palkki and Lawrence Rubin “Saddam Hussein’s role in the gassing of HalabjaThe Non-Proliferation Review 28:3 (Fall 2021) 

Sumitha Narayanan Kutty

“India’s Iran Policy: Civilisational Past, Complicated Present”, Routledge Handbook on South Asian Foreign Policy (ed. Aparna Pande)

Iran’s Chabahar Port: Betting Big on Eurasian Connectivity, South Asian Voices (Stimson Center), July 08, 2021.

Ali Hashem

Iran’s new foreign minister seen as 'first fully fledged Khameneist' in post. Al-Monitor, Aug.24, 2021

Danny Postel

“The Other Regional Counter-Revolution: Iran’s Role in the Shifting Political Landscape of the Middle East” co-published in the Occasional Paper Series, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Denver (PDF) and the journal New Politics (web-friendly)

Guy Burton

(2021), “The BRICS and the Arab Uprisings, 2011-20,” Journal of Rising Powers and Global Governance, 2(1): 29-49.

(2021) “China’s Three Level Game in the Middle East,” Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 15(2): 189-204.

[with Nicholas Lyall and Logan Pauley] (2021), “China and the reconstruction of Syria”, Middle East Journal 75(1): 55-75.

(2021), “Middle Power Behavior under Multipolarity: Indonesia and Malaysia in the Middle East since the Arab Uprisings”, Asian Politics & Policy, 13(2): 228-247.

Staci Strobl

Strobl, S. (2021, June 7).  Disposable lives: Bahrain’s sacrifice zones.  Sectarianism, Proxies, and Desectarianisation (SEPAD). 

Strobl, S. and S. Mabon (2021, pending). The Gulf Cooperation Council Police imagined: The state of exception and transnational policing. In S. Mabon and S. Alsarghali (Eds.), States of exception, bare life and Agamben in the Middle East. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Haian Dukhan

Dukhan, H. & Alhammad, A. (2021) “Iran’s Network of Influence among Syrian Tribes” Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 6 April 2021. Available from: https:// https://www.washingtoninstitut...

Dukhan, H. (2021) “Damascus or Dar'a? The Rural-Urban Divide in the Syrian Conflict” The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, 23 March 2021. Available from: https://berkleycenter.georgeto...

Dukhan, H. Alhammad, A. & Shaar, K. (2021) “The Kin Who Count: Mapping Raqqa’s Tribal Topology” Middle East Institute, 24 March 2021. Available from:

Dukhan, H. & Alhammad, A. (2021) “Fragmentation and perceived bias: The shortcomings of US policy towards tribes in Syria” Atlantic Council, 20 January 2021. Available from: https://www.atlanticcouncil.or...

Maria-Louise Clausen

Clausen, Maria-Louise & Albrecht, Peter (2021) Shifts in International Interventions: From Integration to Delegation, International Affairs, vol. 97, no. 4, pp. 1203-1220

Fejerskov, Adam Moe, Clausen, Maria-Louise, Seddig, Sarah (2021). Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact. DIIS policy brief, 17 August 2021

Clausen, Maria-Louise & Martins, Bruno Oliveira (2021). Humanitarian Biometrics in Yemen. The Complex politics of humanitarian technology, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies blog post, June 30 2021

Clausen, Maria-Louise (2021). Security provision and external actors in Iraq. Insights from a recent survey. SEPAD interventions

Clausen, Maria-Louise & Zhukova, Ekatherina (2021). Making women count, not just counting women, DIIS policy Brief. 31 May 2021

Clausen, Maria-Louise (2021). Piloting Humanitarian Biometrics in Yemen. Mideast Policy Brief - PRIO Middle East Centre, 01/2021 ( ) Clausen, Maria-Louise (2021). Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think? DIIS Policy Brief, 27 April 2021.

Ibrahim Halawi

Halawi, I. (2021): Prospects of Revolution in the Middle East: A Question of Resources

Halawi, I. (2021): Elite Resilience in Lebanon at a Time of Deep Crises

Morten Valbjørn

Valbjørn, Morten &  Jeroen Gunning (2021). "Bringing in the ‘Other Islamists’: Beyond Sunni-centric Islamism studies in a sectarianized Middle East". Mediterranean Politics, vol 26 issue 4.

Valbjørn, Morten (2021). "Three Ways of Countering Sectarianism - Challenges and Dilemmas".  Resilience and Inclusive Politics in the MENA Region: Online Commentary No. 6, Lebanese American University - Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution. 

Mohammad Kalantari

Kalantari, Mohammad R. The Clergy and the Modern Middle East: Shi'i Political Activism in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021.

Justin Gengler

Michael Ewers, Justin Gengler, and Bethany Shockley, "Bargaining Power: A Framework for Understanding Varieties of Migration Experience," International Migration Review, accepted 2021.

“Public Opinion” (with L. Benstead and M. Robbins), in The Political Science of the Middle East: Theory and Research since the Arab Uprisings, Marc Lynch, Jillian Schwedler, and Sean Yom, eds., Oxford University Press, in press.

Justin Gengler, Mark Tessler, Russell Lucas, and Jonathan Forney, "'Why Do You Ask?' The Nature and Impacts of Attitudes towards Public Opinion Surveys in the Arab World," British Journal of Political Science, 51(1): 115–136, 2021. Justin Gengler, Bethany Shockley, and 

Michael Ewers, "Refinancing the Rentier State: Welfare, Inequality, and Citizen Preferences toward Fiscal Reform in the Gulf Oil Monarchies," Comparative Politics 53(2): 283–317, 2021

Robert Mason

Robert Mason (editor and lead contributor) New Perspectives on Middle East Politics: Economy, Society and International Relations. Cairo: AUC Press, 2021.

"Strategic Depth Through Enclaves: Iran, Syria and Hezbollah", Middle East Policy, 2021.

"The Nexus Between State-Led Economic Reform Programmes, Security, and Reputation Damage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", in Martin Beck and Thomas Richter (eds.), Oil and Political Economy of the Middle East: Adjustment Policies of the Arab Gulf and Beyond Since 2014. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2021.