Identities in Motion - Annual Conference

14th Dec 2023 12:00 - 15th Dec 2023 12:00

Location: Lancaster

More Information: External Link

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have caused a ripple effect across the world, displacing people within and beyond national borders, and triggering further conflict around identity. Within two decades, ethnoconfessional and national identities have migrated through time, space, and socio-political structures. Those identities have been in a state of fluid motion both as a result of, and influence on, change.

Taking place on the 14-15th of December at Lancaster University, SEPAD’s annual conference invites participating scholars to examine how identity migrates, moves, and transforms through time, space, and structures/systems. The conference aims to highlight the notion of ethnoconfessional identity as a fluid construct. Identity fluidly changes in response to conflict, migration, displacement, policing, criminalisation, and evolving social and epistemological discourse. This subject has taken on increased importance in recent years as identity takes on a bigger role in global politics, development, knowledge formation, and the decolonization of knowledge production.

This conference seeks to bring together scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds to reflect on questions including but not limited to:

·      How useful are existing concepts in exploring the fluidity of identity?

·      What are the implications of examining identity as a fluid concept?

·      How does examining the migration of identity through time, space, and structures/systems intersect towards a better understanding of the subject? How does such an intersection resonate across global and regional politics? 

·      How does identity intersect with existing forms of re-/building state institutions?

·      How can exploring the fluid nature of identity better inform knowledge formation and the decolonisation of epistemology around the subject?

·      How do fluid identities resonate across space and/or time?

·      How do state institutions and/or non-state actors respond to the migration of ethnoconfessional and national identities across space and/or time?

·      How does the migration of sect-based identity impact state responses and policies?

·      How do social institutions respond to the migration of identity across time and historical moments?

Please submit abstracts of 300 words to Ruba Ali Al-Hassani at by September 30, 2023. If you would like to submit panel proposals, please include a 300 word abstract for the panel alongside individual paper abstracts. Keynote speakers will be announced shortly. SEPAD will provide a number of bursaries to help with logistical costs. 

If you have questions, please email Ruba Ali Al-Hassani or Professor Simon Mabon at We look forward to welcoming you to Lancaster!