SEPAD Webinars

27th Apr 2020 16:00 - 1st May 2020 18:00

Location: Zoom webinars

SEPAD Attendees: Staci Strobl , Christopher Phillips, Edward Wastnidge, Elias Ghazal, John Nagle, Justin Gengler , Mariam Salehi, Olivia Glombitza, Rahaf Aldoughli, Simon Mabon

In lieu of this year's conference, we have organised a series of webinars featuring some fantastic scholars. The events will take place on Zoom and all are welcome. To register, please click here.

27th April: Sects & States

Mahjoob Zweiri; Staci Strobel; Justin Gengler; Simon Mabon. 

28th April: Constitutions and De-Sectarianization

Mariam Salehi; Sanaa Alsarghali; Jomana Qaddour; Jinan Al-Habbal(& Rim Turkmani); Discussant: Nathan Brown. 

29th April: Sects, Instability, and Resistance in Syria 

Ali Aljasem; Ugur Umit Ungor; Chris Phillips; Rahaf Aldoughli.

30th April: Conceptualising De-Sectarianization

John Nagle; Emanuelle Degli Esposti; Anne Kirstine Rønn; Elias Ghazal.

1st May: Sects, Geopolitics and the Future of the GCC 

Luciano Zaccara; Kristian Ulrichsen; Olivia Glombitza.