John Nagle

Professor of Sociology

Queen's University Belfast

John Nagle is Professor of Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast.  He received his PhD in Anthropology from Queen's University Belfast. He was then appointed to positions at the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen's and at INCORE, a United Nations Research Centre for the Study of Conflict at the University of Ulster, as lecturer at the University of East London, and as Reader in Sociology at the University of Aberdeen. John has also been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies at the University of Exeter, Fellow at University College London, and Visiting Professor of Sociology at the United Arab Emirates University. He has published five books and a number of articles in leading international journals.
John’s current research focusses on the role of social movement activism in divided societies, particularly in Lebanon and Northern Ireland. In this, he examines how a range of non-sectarian social movements – including LGBTQ, feminist and class based groups - mobilize for inclusion or challenge power sharing structures in divided societies. A related research theme includes the consequences of civil war and peace processes on LGBTQ populations, such Colombia, Northern Ireland, Syria and Lebanon.

He is not on twitter.