Ibrahim Halawi

Teaching Fellow

Royal Holloway, University of London Royal Holloway, University of London

Ibrahim Halawi is a Teaching Fellow in International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research focuses on theorising the concept of counterrevolution, and examining its manifestation in the contemporary Middle East. His doctoral thesis lays out a history of counterrevolution and revolution in Egypt, not as separable, televised events, but as processes that are continuous, evolving, and inter-related. 

During his pursuit of a PhD, he worked as an Opinion Editor for The New Arab, and published dozens of op-eds and book reviews with E-IR, OpenDemocracy, Middle East Eye, among others. During the Arab Spring, Ibrahim co-founded a pluralistic student movement in Beirut, and founded a student-led non-sectarian newspaper, aimed at de-hegemonising sectarian news.