Leftist-Islamist cross-ideological opposition and cooperation in Morocco
Leftist-Islamist cross-ideological opposition and cooperation in Morocco 14th Mar 2023 In 2019, the then vice-president of the National Council of the Moroccan Islamist ‘Justice and Development Party’ (hizb al-‘Adala wa-l-Tanmiyya, henceforth the ‘PJD’), Abdelali Hamieddine, appeared in court accused of the murder of a leftist... Read More
Managing the Political: The Case of Iran
Managing the Political: The Case of Iran 7th Mar 2023 A guest blogpost by Dr Samuel Mace, University of Leeds Managing politics in the modern day remains a complex task. Polities are made up of diverse groups with differing agendas that are ever changing ensuring institutional management of the political... Read More
What the UN can do to revive the political process in Libya?
What the UN can do to revive the political process in Libya? 13th Feb 2023 By Sultan Al-Khulaifi, Walid AliPolicy RecommendationsThe Libyan crisis is multidimensional. Thus, we advise that the UNSMIL need to coordinate between two levels: regional and domestic.   The agreement between the main regional actors... Read More
The 2022 World Cup and the ‘Aboukhal Affair’: Marocanité, patriotic celebration, and Salafism 24th Jan 2023 Zakaria Aboukhal, a Netherlands-born professional footballer of Moroccan descent, was one of the revelations of the Moroccan men’s national football team’s historic run at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Yet amidst the widespread euphoria and disbelief... Read More
Remember the blockade?: Gulf Geopolitics and the 2022 World Cup 10th Jan 2023 Not much time has passed since the period when the viability of Qatar’s World Cup was in question due to virulent differences with its ‘brotherly’ neighbours. Football has often been the showcase for evolving political relations in the Gulf. The... Read More
Conference Links
Conference Links 13th Dec 2022 Here's the conference programme and links to the streaming version. Please note carefully the two distinct links (A and B) which correspond to the two parallel panel streams.  15th December – Day 1 0830-0900        Welcome... Read More
Social Theory: Sara Ahmed
Social Theory: Sara Ahmed 6th Dec 2022 By Konstantin Rintelmann  In 2009, Margrit Shildrick panegyrically wrote: “Few academic writers working in the UK context today can match Sara Ahmed in her prolific output, and fewer still can maintain the consistently high level of her theoretical... Read More
Social Theory: bell hooks
Social Theory: bell hooks 6th Dec 2022 Now when I ponder the silences, the voices that are not heard, the voices of those wounded and/or oppressed individuals who do not speak or write, I contemplate the acts of persecution, torture—the terrorism that breaks spirits, that makes creativity... Read More
World Cup Shorts: No country for old men. Urban renewal in downtown Doha 6th Dec 2022 The destruction of the urban fabric of downtown Doha is one of the side effects of the preparation for the World Cup. The event has bolstered a process of urban renewal that has made Qatar spend more than any other host country in previous editions of... Read More