Call for Papers for Special Issue: Sectarian Identity Formation and Intra-Group Muslim Rivalries in Southeast Asia and Beyond 1st Nov 2019

The renewed saliency of Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian identities in the violent conflicts and contentious politics in several Middle Eastern countries has been the focus of a number of important academic work in recent times. The emphasis in th...

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Bringing in the Other Islamists - sister project launched 27th Oct 2019

In exciting news, we has a new sister project, run by Morten Valbjørn and Jeroen Gunning, and featuring wonderful colleagues from SEPAD and beyond. If you wish to engage with the project on twitter please use #TheOtherIslamists. All at ...

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Contestation of divisive politics in Lebanon and Bosnia: Comparative thoughts
Contestation of divisive politics in Lebanon and Bosnia: Comparative thoughts 23rd Oct 2019

At the time of writing, a wave of protests is sweeping across Lebanon. The government’s announcement of a plan to impose a tax on WhatsApp appeared to be the final straw for the Lebanese, who have been dealing with months of economic aus...

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Desectarianization in Lebanon: Where to begin?
Desectarianization in Lebanon: Where to begin? 9th Oct 2019

Sectarianism in Lebanon is, literally, hair-raising! Over the summer, I went to Lebanon to conduct some fieldwork for my research. One day, I went to one of the local barbershops in the neighbourhood where I was staying to get a haircut. Th...

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De-sectarianization event
De-sectarianization event 24th Sep 2019

On the 10th September, SEPAD held an event discussing de-sectarianization and the contemporary Middle East in collaboration with the Foreign Policy Centre at The Work Foundation in London. Over the course of the day, SEPAD fellows embarked on a ri...

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SEPAD conference 2020: From Sectarianism to De-Sectarianization
SEPAD conference 2020: From Sectarianism to De-Sectarianization 23rd Sep 2019

From Sectarianism to De-Sectarianization

16th – 17th of April 2020, Lancaster University


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Oil in Saudi-Iranian Relations
Oil in Saudi-Iranian Relations 26th Aug 2019

Since the mid-1960s, oil has been the most popular energy resource of the world with more than 30 percent share in global energy consumption  Read More

De-Sectarianization: Some initial thoughts
De-Sectarianization: Some initial thoughts 19th Aug 2019

In recent months, a number of academics and commentators have begun to reflect on the resonance and relevance of sectarian identities, albeit in a range of different ways. At a SEPAD event in London earlier this year, Morten Valbjorn and I both ga...

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Saudi-Iran Literature
Saudi-Iran Literature 15th Jul 2019

Below are resources looking at the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. 

·   Aarts, P. and Van Duijne, J., 2009. Saudi...

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